The Dream Restaurant


Today was kind of a slow day here at Likhubula.  Everyone was free to do whatever we wanted so I decided to just hang out and enjoy the village of Mbewa.  Myself, Dr. McCusker, Josh, Caroline, Emily, Ian, and Tori went to “Nancy’s Dream Restaurant” to eat some of her famous pizza.  Now there’s an interesting story as to why her restaurant is called the dream restaurant.  The last time WVU students came here in 2008 Nancy was the director of the CCAP house and as the students left they gave her all of their extra kwacha (Malawian currency) to start a restaurant that she had always wanted to open.  Well her dream restaurant opened a couple months ago and is now the nicest (and only) pizza restaurant in Mbewa and Likhubula.  She has a brand new building with room for a gift shop that the plans to open soon as well as room for a future internet cafe.  So it was kind of a short lesson in microfinance for us.  This woman who has lived in Mulanje her entire life now owns a nice (even by western standards) restaurant and is one of the wealthiest women in Mulanje District.  Pretty impressive.

Afterwards we went to Club Sapitwa to grab some beers.  *quick side note, Sapitwa is the summit of Mt. Mulanje but in ChiChewa it literally means “place you don’t go to” so Club Sapitwa=Club Don’t Go Here.  Club Sapitwa is the sketchiest place I’ve ever gotten a beer.  I haven’t had any problems there but it’s just filled with Malawian men who just get drunk everyday (especially since payday for most men was yesterday).  There are also 2 women who occupy the premises and perform let’s say less than virtuous services.  It’s very African.  The cheapest beer they have is called “shake shake”.  It is the most disgusting beverage to have ever been sold for consumption.  It’s basically warm beer flavored water with grain floating around in it.  As Michael said, it looks like pancake batter.  But since it is the cheapest beer, it is the most widely consumed beer in Mulanje.  There is also a Malawian beer called “Kuche Kuche” which isn’t too bad, just a bit bitter.  I’ve been sticking with Carlsberg Green.

That’s pretty much all for day.  Everyone’s getting ready to have a little party in the dorms because Dr. McCusker told us that if there was any night to get drunk, it’s tonight.  So cheers!


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