South Africa, ctd.


Ok so I’ll try and continue where I left off.

Yesterday Cape Town was swamped with rain as is so often the case during this time of year, but Chelsea and I braved the weather and walked down to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to look around at all the shops and get a cheap lunch.  With the rain postponing our trip to Robben Island (which we’ll try and accomplish tomorrow) we got some Steers and then spent much of the afternoon walking through the shopping centers and mall at the waterfront.  After a return walk through even worse rain we came back to our backpackers at around 3:45.

We spent much of the remainder of the day drying off and being lazy.  We updated our blogs, watched some movies, and played monopoly.

Today we’re going to Stellenbosch to walk around my second home in South Africa.  Pasqual should be picking us up around noon to drive us there and I’m excited to meet up with Gugu, Mpumi, and Daniel.  Hopefully I’ll see even more people but I know regardless I’ll be thrilled to be back in my first African home.

I’m sure I’ll have more to update on later tonight when we return.  I think there’s some kind of comedy festival in Cape Town today for Youth Day, which reminds me that today is a public holiday in South Africa.  Youth Day is a day to honor and remember the students who perished during the struggle against Apartheid, most notable during the Soweto Uprising.  Just one more thing to make you reflect on the privileges life in the US brings.


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