II Amsterdam

“My experience in Amsterdam is that cyclists ride where the hell they like and aim in a state of rage at all pedestrians while ringing their bell loudly, the concept of avoiding people being foreign to them”–Terry Prachett


Part 2 of my blog about Amsterdam will be a bit more upbeat than the previous.

The past 2 days I’ve been spending more time just trying to enjoy the entirety of the city and take it for it’s worth.  I think if you’re able to keep your expectations reasonable than you can find Amsterdam more enjoyable.

I was also buoyed a little bit yesterday by being able to spend most of the afternoon watching the English soccer games at various locations throughout the city.  I just needed something to keep me busy.

Last night Marc texted me and said that he and some of his friends from France were going to drive up to Amsterdam and spend the day here.  So about midafternoon Arthur (my new Mexican friend who is way too old to be this high all the time) walked down to meet Marc and the rest of the people from France.  By the way I should probably elaborate a little more about Arthur.  He’s a very unique person.  As I write this he is currently sitting in his bunk and listening to Opera.  Moments ago he was forcing me to watch his “out of body experience” in Notre Dame.  He tells me that he’s been in Amsterdam the same amount of time as me but that he won’t leave until January 7.  He’s been high the entire time he’s been here.  Which probably explains why he keeps trying to have the same conversation with me over and over again.  Usually when he is not smoking he is sleeping.

Anyway, we met up with the Frenchies and quickly enough were sitting on the sofa inside a Dutch coffee shop.  Before you knew it Arthur had his half-smoked joint of “really good man” weed out from the plastic tube he had been carrying it in and lit up.

After the coffee shop we wandered around pretty aimlessly.  Marc’s friend wanted to find the Anne Frank House which we did, only to discover that the line for the house literally stretched around the block.

I picked up my train tickets from Amsterdam Centraal Station this morning so that tomorrow when I depart for Munich I won’t have any last minute surprises.  I’m going to wrap this up now as my train leaves around 7 am and then I have long night of NYE or Sylvester.  So I think I’ll modify my grade of Amsterdam to a C+/B-.  Sorry to disappoint you kids.


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