In Praise of Australians

“I think Australians like a bit of vulgarity”–Julian Clary


I need to take a pause from my travel updates and write a brief ‘love letter’ to the people of Australia.  For the purpose of this post I’m including New Zealanders with Australians because though I recognize there are differences, those differences are about as significant as the differences between Germans and Austrians.

If I could pick another nationality other than American it would probably be Australian.

I’ve been traveling for about 3 weeks now and without fail, everywhere I’ve gone I’ve ran into Australians and they have been the most remarkably fun people I’ve ever come across.  They’re right up there with the Irish as far as I’m concerned.

No matter whether they’re in groups traveling or on their own I have always enjoyed talking to them because they always have the most interesting personalities and always offer an interesting perspective.

Frankly I’m amazed that Australia is a functioning country economically.  Almost all Australians seem to at some point quit their job for a year and just travel throughout Asia and Europe.  If they’re short on cash they’ll typically work as farmhands for a few weeks.  One I met is working in Galway, Ireland as essentially a migrant worker on an Irish farm for 8 weeks.  They’re a fascinating people.

Their sense of humor is remarkable too.

I love Australians.

I need to look into planning a trip there.  Maybe a permanent trip there.


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