Running Out

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road”–Jack Kerouac



I have less than 2 months left in London.  It feels strange to type those words and yet it’s true.
I’m coming up on my one year anniversary since I arrived in the UK and while I was thinking back to how I felt when I first arrived, I think a lot of things have come full circle.  Well perhaps ‘full circle’ is an overused term and not necessarily appropriate in this instance.  What I mean is that I think I got everything I wanted out of this past year and more.  I’ve learned so much not just about my chosen academic discipline but also about myself, my goals, my confidence, and my ability.  I’ve learned about others as well.  I think I’m ready and prepared in a way that I was not a year ago.  Prepared to do what it takes to achieve my goals and ready to leave school behind and enter the real world.
Since I’ve started my internship my time has been spent juggling my responsibilities and my desire to try and enjoy my summer and hang out with new friends.  It’s not always easy, and I’m a little behind on my dissertation because of it, but I know that my paper will be handed in on time and will be of a high quality.  After the dissertation is submitted then I am officially done my MA and I can then turn my attention to hunting for a job.
My flight back to the U.S. is booked for October 1 and once I come home I don’t expect much time to acclimate myself.  I need to stay in motion and keep up a level of tenacity that I didn’t have when I graduated from WVU.  Once my finances are in order I’ll be getting an apartment in DC as earlier as possible and then I will be hustling to make ends meet and to advance myself career wise.
I’m a little anxious about the whole prospect but I’m more excited for it.  I credit my internship with providing me with some valuable experience that I know will translate well into my first full time job.  Where that first job will be is anyone’s guess but I’m more confident than I’ve ever been that I’ll be successful.  I’ve worked too hard not to be and I plan on working even harder.
I’m realizing now that this post is turning into some sort of pick-me-up speech and I don’t quite know how I got here.  I’ll refocus.
So yea, one year in London with 2 months still to go.  I’ve been thinking about all of the things I’ve gotten to see over the past 12 months.  Places, things, and people that I thought I would never see have been presented to me in a seemingly endless parade.  I’ve been so fortunate to experience all of this that I feel embarrassed when people ask me where I’ve gone this year.  By the time I finish naming all of the cities and countries they look at me as if I’m some spoiled rich kid that can just get up and fly whenever I want.  Truly much of the reason I’ve been able to travel is so much is that the cost of traveling Europe in the off-season is ridiculously cheap.  Someone I know was recently looking up tickets for a flight to Spain and they were north of $200.  When I booked my flights to Spain they were about $80 for 3 one way flights.  Besides if anyone thinks I was spoiled I just normally remind them that they have a lot less debt than I have.
I’ll probably have one more ‘end of the road’ post before I depart London.  For now I just have to keep ploughing through these journal articles and books and keep typing up chapter drafts for my dissertation.  Once I submit this thing I can really relax and enjoy my last remaining weeks in London.

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