After 4 days in Vancouver, I was ready to move on and see Victoria.  Getting there required mastering Vancouver’s public transportation system.  Take the Skytrain to the bus station, take the bus station to the ferry terminal, take the ferry to the bus station, take the bus to downtown Victoria.  That was it and I dare say that I excelled.

The first thing you notice about Victoria is how much more quiet and quaint it is in comparison to Vancouver.  I hadn’t considered Vancouver to be a loud city but, in contrast to what I was seeing in Victoria, I might as well have been living in Times Square.

I spent 1 day, 2 nights in Victoria and basically just wandered.  I mapped out a route that I thought would take me to all of the sights and I set out with my headphones in listening to the latest podcast episodes.  Starting near the Parliament Building, I walked along the coast to the Breakwater and ultimately to Beacon Hill Park.  Morgan had been to Victoria not too long before me and had some recommendations for me for lunch that were much appreciated.

The most profound thing that happened to me in Victoria was that my love affair with hostels came to its nadir.  My accommodations in Victoria were quite poor and I wasn’t enamored with my fellow travelers like I usually am.  It was a bit disheartening and was in no way helped by the mysterious insect bites that started to appear all over my body.  After 2 days, with the bites now all visible and excruciatingly itchy, I looked like a leper and received frightened looks from people passing me by.

So I think the hostel chapter of my life is over.  There were many highs and a few lows but I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  Now I suppose I’m on to staying at AirBNB and hotels.  Woe is me.


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